The Grip is a system of products helping smokers to quit smoking gradually with the support of their loved ones.

Grip has three parts in the system — Grip Rings for both the quitter and the supporter, and a mobile application.


My contribution to the team is
Research & Strategy / User Experience Design / User Scenario / Product design / Modeling & Rendering

UXUI Team Project


Echo Cho (Product)

Andy Kim (Product)

Chufan Huang (Interaction)

Wenyuan Xu (Interaction)


14 weeks / 2018

Cold Turkey vs. Gradual Cessation

Abrupt quitters were 25% more successful than the gradual cessation group. At the half-year mark, 22% of the cold-turkey group were still smoke-free, while 15% of the progressive group was. Cold turkey is more effective, yet gradual cessation is more preferable. 

Accessible Quit Program


Most smokers who try to quit, do it other own without the help of a quit program and few succeed with less professional supports. Quit programs aren't available to everyone and they're inconvenient. 

Grip Family Products

Love Makes Miracles Happen


Support from the quitter's loved one has a positive influence on their smoking cessation, yet, the misunderstandings between the quitter and his loved one brings bad effects upon the smoking cessation process. How can we help smokers quit smoking by involving support from their loved ones?

Grip System

Quiet & Quick Information

Grip Ring provides a quiet and quick overview of the daily plan. It tracks the user's smoking habit with a smoke detector. Also, you can press the button on the back to record cravings and send a help message to the supporter. 

Bring Empathy to the Supporter

The supporter can feel the vibration on their Grip - Supporter Ring when the quitter sends a

help message. Grip system suggests supporters send love and supporting words to the quitter. 

Grip keeps two people together connected with self-charging, thermal energy battery.

Information Centric

Grip App includes home page with real-time data,

a plan page, a progress page, and a conversation page, which supports all the needed informations.

Love Makes Miracles Happen

The Grip is a commitment and determination.

Grip will not only successfully help the smokers gradually quit smoking, but also bring the quitter and the supporter closer. 

Eunseo Echo Cho

Industrial Designer