Wheelee is an LAX child-friendly cart that gives a place for kids to have fun, while parents move them through the airport. Children can sit or stand on the cart while moving or waiting for a long time. It helps both parents and kids to release their anxiety and enjoy the journey.

Showcased in ArtCenter Gallery

Re-imagine LAX

14 weeks / 2015 

Family Vacation Nightmare

​A family trip is supposed to be fun and exciting, but visiting an airport has always been a nightmare for both parents and kids. Parents make their restless kids sit still. 

Cart Can be Kid's Best Friend

​I have observed many kids enjoying playing with carts at the airport, and parents were letting them play. Airport carts can manage a parent's anxiety by allowing kids to be what they are supposed to be, playful and curious.

Safe & Comfortable Seat


Inspired by the beach chair, the baby chair can form to the toddler's body while seated. Parents can also release their anxiety while moving their baggage and their child together through the airport. 

Relief Mobility

Its silicon material protects the baggage from falling, and the stable structure can hold weights while moving through the airport. The front wheel determines the direction, and the hidden wheels safeguard the child's hand from getting caught. 

For Multiple Users


The foot hold can be lifted for the multiple carts to be stacked. It helps the LAX airport to save the storage space.

Eunseo Echo Cho

Industrial Designer