To create outdoor furniture that encourages and accompanies workers to break free from their cubicles and move outdoors. Users can move indoor to outdoor freely with the mobile storage stool that carries their essential need -power- back and forth. 

Haworth Sponsored Studio Finalist

Showcased in ArtCenter Gallery,

Haworth NYC Showroom

14 weeks / 2018

Outdoor Work for the Digital Nomads

​Although working outdoors is beneficial, workers still need a power source for their digital devices. I came up with the idea to design a stool that supports the workers by providing all their needs just like a caddy.

More than 50% of the world's population now lives in cities, fueling a greater disconnect from the outdoors.

When it gets to the point when the need of power source it discourages me to work outside.


Bokyung Kim, 28

76% of workers are more productive outside of the office.

I focused on emerging power battery with furniture, and how it will endure in the outdoor environment. The structure had been studied with the user’s interaction, sitting position, and weight.

 Keep Your Belongings Safe

Workers can store digital devices or bags under the seat to work or to stow when they are moving it. 

Power for Digital Workforces


The portable battery allows users to charge their digital devices anytime, anywhere they need it, with opening up their ability to work anywhere.

Eunseo Echo Cho

Industrial Designer