Reinterprets traditional Korean furniture to fit into contemporary living spaces.

To create a flexible low seating living system for modern nomadic lifestyles.

*Material: birch plywood (polyurethane finished), Kvadrat fabric

Urban Traditional  Furnishing

14 week / 2019

Keep the Journey Together

People buy cheap furniture to easily throw it away for frequent moving. Modularity with easy to assemble and disassemble parts is necessary.

Blurred Living Space

Nomads live in studios or use living rooms as their bedrooms such that the definition of living room has disappeared. Still, many of them want to entertain guests.

Low Seating Lifestyle

Korean's traditional low seating lifestyle can help nomads use their space efficiently by not taking and limiting the space by its size. There is an opportunity to find the way of adopting it into contemporary living spaces.

Through multiple explorations of sketches, scaledmock-ups, and 3D modeling,

I was able to find the bold and sturdy interlocking joinery system for the bed frame.

Interlocking Joinery

Inspired from Korean architecture's structure,

joineries are designed to interlock and slide-in, reducing the usage of fasteners while remaining durable.

Modular Seating System / Usage

JARI's cushion and table is movable and can be placed in different areas for multiple usages; to eat, relax, work, chat, and sleep.

Eunseo Echo Cho

Industrial Designer