Candle Light

Candle Light is a modernized wall mount candle holder. It is designed to function as lighting without electricity usage that the user can adjust the brightness of a burning candle and create a mood for the indoor environment. 

Personal project

4 weeks / 2018

Elevating Candle Light as Lightbulb

Before the evolution of the light bulb, candles had been the essential lighting source. I wanted to re-imagine what if the electricity had not evolved and the candlelight had been developed that it could also function as a variable light source.


I tried to change the lighting mood through a tactile experience. By simply

adding a screw for adjusting candle height and observe how its light reflects the gradient glass shade.

Adjust Brightness

The brightness of the candle can be controlled by screwing up a length holder for brighter light and down for diffused lights. 

Hold a Candle

To use the candleholder, stick in a pillar candle to the black metal holder for safety.

Fix Shade

An open-ended gradient shade can be fixed by screwing the holder to the wall mounted component.

Change the Mood


Gradient glass shade diffuses candle light, and it can change the mood from different brightness settings. It will enhance the ambient indoor lighting experience.

Eunseo Echo Cho

Industrial Designer