Expert Raid


Rebrand and repackage the Raid to revolutionize the pest control industry. For the healthy proactive presenters, who

want best for their living environment and loved ones, Raid is providing the qualified systematic product. By simpli-fying information on the package, the consumers can quickly identify the product. Raid will attract, inform, and empower consumers with sophisticated packaging and be trusted.


Adobe Design Award Semifinalist

Showcased in Art Center Gallery,

Adobe Design Award Gallery,


Rebranding Raid

2017 / 14 weeks 

Protect to Empower Users

The straw can be placed inside the groove for the safety.

It sprays two ways with the targeted application for hard

to reach areas and wide coverage for the larger surfaces.

Easy to Use

The Fogger can activate and stop easily by pulling up and down the clip attached to the fogger’s lid.

Fit into Home Environment

Ant Bait can be distributed into four pieces 

that it easily fits in the every house corners.

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Eunseo Echo Cho

Industrial Designer