Veggie Concert


Veggie Concert is a vegetable flute making toolkit that will encourage children to learn music at their own will, instead of being forced. Natural exposure to music from their play pattern leads children to create more interest in music.The children will naturally gain an interest in music through the exploration and play with their curiosity. 



Music educational instrument

14 weeks / 2016 

Force-feeding Music Education

Despite all the benefits that music can bring to a child's development, many kids are having a hard time because music education had been forced upon them  by their parents with conventional instruments

Play Music Out of Vegetable

Inspired by The Vegetable Orchestra, I came up with the idea to create an approachable and engaging vegetable instrument-making toolkit for kids that brings enjoyment that music is supposed to.

01. Cutter


Cut veggie with the cutter. Cutter is made out of starch plastic  with blades that safely cut the vegetable.

02. Body Hole Maker

Make big hole all the way through the vegetable.

Co-molded silicon handle with rounded shape helps

kids to easily make a hole on the veggie.

03. Finger Hole Maker 

Make six finger holes on the front and one hole on the back of the veggie. Sharp edge makes a clean cut and the spring inside the product pushes out the cut parts. 

04. Head & Foot Joint

Connect the both head and foot joint on the veggie. Ready maded mouthpiece helps to create sound with less effort. Then play music and have fun!

Find Enjoyment of Music


Users can easily find enjoyment of music in surrounding and naturally learn music principle by building the instrument and also playing music that helps to grow child's sensory. 

Eunseo Echo Cho

Industrial Designer